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Exclusive access to a member directory where you can search a fellow member family by location and children’s age group and connect with any member around the globe.




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Live webinars conducted by world-class industry experts and prominent figures where you can ask questions and receive feedback in real time, while interacting with other members from around the world.


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Interact with our Experts

Leading professionals in various sectors will write and post their personal and professional perspectives on education/parenting, and other related topics exclusively for our members.

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Members can discuss any topic of their choice on discussion board to share information, engage in a debate, ask questions, etc. This is where members can get to know each other by freely interacting with one another.

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The purpose of this membership fee is for us to maintain the level of seriousness within our community. It is also intended to offset the cost of the network’s operation and quality of contents. While there is an expectation of some payment from all members, no parent should assume that a membership at Gifted Parents is out of reach for financial reasons. If you are unable to afford full membership fees, please contact info@giftedparents.org.


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