About Us

What we are For!

As parents, we have one common mission – to provide for our children’s happiness and future well-being. The short-term mission of the Gifted Parents is to establish, maintain and utilize a global network of member parents to be better connected and informed to increase the chances of providing a strong foundation for a happy and successful future for our children.

We are NOT for being “helicopter” parents who will hover over our children and make all of their decisions for them. Rather, we will provide a platform for them to be confident, competent and independent individuals who will take control of their own lives and success.

We are NOT for spoiling our children with luxurious and extravagant materialistic goods and lifestyles. Rather, we will teach them how to earn and enjoy such privileges and how to share them with others.

We are NOT for highlighting our social/financial/celebrity status within our community. Rather, the ONLY titles we have here are moms and dads.

We are NOT for manufacturing “cookie-cutter” style children whose purpose in life is to go to Ivy League schools and get good jobs. Rather, we will help them to take advantage of such institutions if they so choose, and inspire them to become creators of good jobs.

We are NOT for promoting further disparities between the “haves” and “have nots.” Rather, we will properly educate our children to practice compassion and love through helping and sharing with a goal of one day eliminating such disparities that exist in today’s societies and educational systems worldwide.

Our mission

Make an Impact

With that, the ultimate mission of the Gifted Parents is for our children to develop and build a life-long relationship with friends who:

  • - Have similar backgrounds, philosophies, and learning environment
  • - Are located around the world
  • - Are able to trust each other
  • - Will work together to make a positive impact in the world.